Automated processes

  • End user communication CykPay communicates to the end user all the information required for them to use acquire and use their products.
  • Recurrent charging For products that require recurrent charging, such as subscription products, charging is also handled automatically.
    • Product/Payments operations Such as renewals, programmed upgrades and downgrades, and product cancellations based on the payments are handled by CykPay
  • Instant Payment Notifications If you need to know exactly when are the acquisitions being made you can provide us with a URL to which we will notify each time a transaction gets completed.


  • Modern web API that complies with REST standard.
  • JSON format used for data exchanges.
  • Standarized objects to simplify the transition between different products and payment methods.
  • TLS encryption for secure data transmission.
  • Failure messages caused by inputted data tells you exactly what is wrong/missing.

Other features

  • User Flows CykPay can also offer flows for your users to follow. You can just simply provide your users with a URL, lay back, and let CykPay guide the user through the acquisition process.
  • Metrics You can also check out the metrics associated to the acquisitions at CykPay Metrics.